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I met Sifu Chris Lomas whilst studying acupuncture and began training under his guidance in February 2003. I speak for all his students when I say we are very lucky to have a teacher who embodies their skill to such a high level in so many fields of kung fu and who teaches so patiently and kindly. Training with Sifu Lomas gives one a renewed appreciation of martial arts and a deep sense of the applications in developing combat skill and in health promotion. In my work as an osteopath and acupuncturist I return again and again to Sifu Lomas’s teachings to both promote my health as a practitioner and to help people re-engage with theirs. I wholeheartedly recommend Sifu Lomas to anyone who wants to engage in learning martial arts; in fact I urge you to go to the school and put your questions to the test with him, you will not find the answers wanting.

Cahir Doherty

Registered Acupuncturist and Osteopath

Sifu Chris is a gifted and generous teacher. His dedication to his arts is apparent in the high level of skill and knowledge he possesses. Chris draws on a range of styles and disciplines and has the ability to take ancient concepts and present them in a clear, concise and practical way whilst staying true to their authentic and traditional roots. The training offered is truly comprehensive and can suit a wide variety of tastes. It can be a great physical and martial workout and there is also the opportunity to focus on the more mindful and philosophical aspects of the arts. I have spent nearly ten years training with Chris and have found the process to be truly transformational both on a physical and a personal development level. What has been particularly striking for me is that whilst the foundations of the arts are always emphasised, I feel that I have learnt something new every single lesson!

Cemil Egeli

I have been involved in traditional martial arts training since 1987. Currently I run a fulltime kung-fu school in kilkenny, Ireland since 2000. I am also a personal trainer and kettlebell fitness and sports coach, I have competed internationally at a professional division in kettlebell sport since 2010. I have studied western sports science at one of Russias top physical education university (Siberian State University of Physical Culture and Sports).

I have travelled to mainland China, Hong kong, USA, UK and across Europe to train with many practitioners of the martial arts, I specialise in northern seven stars praying mantis, yip man wing chun, xingyi. I have also studied extensively in yang style taijiquan, chen taijiquan,splashing hands, baguazhang, yiliquan and xiao jiu tian.

I first met shifu Lomas in 2001 when we studied iron hand together, we become close friends straight away as we shared a passion for the traditional martial arts. For the last 14 year I have seen shifu Lomas go from strength to strength, he certainly is one of the rare and few people in this world who lives the martial path. His personal training is so thorough and intense. His health, vitality and strength is a testimony in to the methods he teaches and train

Shifu lomas has studied intensively throughout the world seeking masters of different arts, willing to learn and improve his skills that today he truly has a wealth of knowledge. Skilled in empty hand, weapons, qi gong and meditation.

While many people feel they need to travel to some excotic part of the world to find a mystical master to learn real martial arts…. Manchester , England has a martial arts gem that for the most part goes very much unknown! If you wish to learn REAL martial arts and are ready to train REAL HARD. Then I cannot reccommend shifu Lomas enough.

Mark A Stapleton

Girevoy Sports Union Vice President, Martial arts instructor Kettlebell bell instructor, Personal trainer, Kilkenny - School of Chinese Martial Arts

I’ve been learning under sifu Chris for eight months now and have acquired a considerable amount of martial knowledge. Not only as to the art of fighting, structure, technique, form, adaptability, conditioning and training practices. But also to the roots, history, biomechanics and internal/external aspects of kung fu both as a whole and in its’ many various styles. Every lesson leaves me with many learns and much to think about.

Spencer Grizzle

I’ve been attending  Sifu Chris’s class for nearly 12mths and have learned a lot. His knowledge is second to none and his method of teaching is great with both adults & children alike.

Dave Williams

Since meeting Sifu Lomas my Kung Fu has taken a new direction. His vast knowledge of myriad different styles and Kung Fu body mechanics and his relaxed and happy style of teaching are a formidable combination. Apart from the incredibly effective fighting practice we receive in class, his knowledge of Kung Fu training techniques and exercises have improved my health and practice in innumerable ways. I hope I shall be training with him for years to come.

Peter Yates

I began to train with Sifu Lomas over a decade ago. I was seeking out a teacher from whom I felt I would be able to learn ‘real’ martial arts in a traditional way and wanted to deepen my understanding. I am absolutely confident that training with Sifu Lomas has been the best decision I have made. Sifu Lomas’ high level of commitment to passing on genuine, traditional martial arts skills to a very high level, in an accessible way, marks him out to be an exceptional teacher to whom quality is a high priority. Classes are fun and varied, covering a complete range of martial skill, giving learners the chance to get to grips with the fundamental elements of each type of movement, before learning how to apply it in paired work. Classes are also a challenge, building strength alongside technique, with Sifu Lomas demonstrating what is possible with regular, dedicated practise. I cannot recommend Tao Jia martial arts highly enough, for the high calibre of its teachers and quality its lessons and the lifelong friends I have made training there.

Sally Anderson

Tao Jia is, without a doubt, a gem for anyone looking for authentic, traditional Chinese martial arts. Even today, finding an authentic teacher of even a single classical style (e.g. Tibetan Hop Gar or Hung Gar or Shaolin Tzu Men Chuan, to name a few) can be extremely hard in the west. It is therefore incredible to find several of these styles, all taught in their entirety, under one roof.

Regardless of which style(s) a student wishes to pursue, all of them are taught as living, functional arts. Traditional forms are part of the curriculum, but these do not overshadow the development of combat skills through applications and partner drills.

While the training is challenging, there are no ego problems or bullying at the school. The class atmosphere is friendly but still always serious. I find it similar to a good weight training gym or boxing gym, as opposed to the over-formalised, militaristic environment that some people might expect, thanks to the image created by the movies.

Finally, people looking for authentic kung fu will be pleased to know the full range of traditional conditioning is passed on at the school. Strength, flexibility and endurance exercises are practiced, in addition to classical hand and body development programs with the proper herbal medicines and internal development. Again, finding these skills taught openly in the west is incredibly rare. Unlike the dangerous, damaging approaches taught by many clueless people, the traditional methods at Tao Jia are gradual and intelligent, and improve the student’s health rather than harming it. At the age of 41, my future health is highly important to me, and I never have to worry that I am doing something that I or my family will regret when I am older.

Dr Nick Hallale

I have studied with Chris for several years, firstly in his old Kwoon in Fallowfield and now in Tao Jia in Bury.

Chris teaches several styles of Kung Fu as well as Iron Hand conditioning and Iron Body Conditioning which are very important for Kung Fu students.

Chris teaches Kung fu that builds power, promotes health and develops practical self defence ability.

Having worked as a Door Supervisor for more than a decade, I can testify to the usability of Chris’s training in real defense situations.

Chris is a very approachable teacher with great motivational skills, he is also very knowledgeable about the history and development of the styles he teaches. Having previously trained with different teachers in Boxing, Aikido and Jeet Kune Do, I can honestly say that I have not trained with a teacher of Chris’ level of technical excellence or martial prowess. If you are looking to learn authentic, usable Kung Fu, look no further!

Cochic Mcintosh

I have studied Lau Gar Kung Fu for the last 30 + years and I have known Chris for about 15 of those years and  I can honestly say that I have never meet anyone who trains as hard or has a better understanding of  Chinese martial art than Chris, not only this but he also has the rare ability to teach and share his knowledge.

I have had the privilege to study Chen style Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Iron Palm and Iron Body skill under Chris.

Sifu Keith Thomas

When I met Chris I had an intuition from the beginning that this encounter would not be usual. Chris is an incredibly gifted teacher with an extensive knowledge in martial, yogic & healing arts. He shares openly all you can “take” and much more! I must say there is no words to express my gratitude for all I have received from him since we met. I can only recommend anybody to take a course with him & see for yourself but I’m pretty sure you will end up like me: amazed & thankful!

Mohammed Saïah

Nei Gong & Qi Gong Instructor in France (Nantes), Atelier Qiétude

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