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North West

Nick Hallale, Cheadle, Cheshire

My involvement with martial arts began in my teenage years, when I joined a family system based on northern Shaolin kung fu. I then spent several years learning judo and jujutsu. Since discovering Tao Jia in my mid-30s, I have decided to devote myself to studying Sifu Lomas’ system. Like the other students, I study the combined Tao Jia syllabus, but with a personal focus on Splashing Hands and Hung Gar. I have also been lucky enough to learn Sifu’s Iron Hand method. Interested students please contact me at nhallale@outlook.com

Cemil Egeli, Didsbury, South Manchester

I have been training in the internal arts for the last 20 years. After graduating from university, I started learning Chen Tai Chi in 1994. I then continued to study a variety of other arts including Qigong and Bagua. During my journey I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to study and learn with some excellent and highly regarded teachers from around the world. I started studying Hsing-I with Sifu Chris in 2005, obtaining my brown belt in 2009 and my black belt in 2010. I have also studied some of the other arts on Chris’s syllabus including Splashing Hands, BaguaZhang and more recently the Tibetan arts. I am currently working towards an MA in Counselling and am a qualified teacher. I am based in the South Manchester area and can be contacted for any further information or enquiries about private lessons on: cetaichi@hotmail.com.


Sally Anderson, Nottingham

I have trained under Sifu Lomas since 2003, studying the internal arts of Chen Tai Chi, Hsing-I, Splashing Hands, Tsu Men and learning to cultivate health and awareness and strength through hard and soft Chi Kung and Nei Kung practises. Prior to studying with Sifu Lomas, I practised Aikido and Wado-Ryu karate, where I achieved a third place in the Wado Junior National Championships for Kata; I have also studied Kyukoushenkai Karate in Japan. I also have a personal background in teaching, having worked as a Further Education teacher. I am currently based in Nottingham and have a flexible approach to teaching; this is due to shift-working patterns, meaning that students are taught individually or in small groups at times to suit. I enjoy a traditional approach to training and believe that good health, fitness, strength and flexibility of body and mind are keys to genuine skill. Sessions reflect this and focus on strong basics as foundation for more advanced techniques and movements.

South West

Tom Begbie, Bristol

I have been training a range of kung fu systems with Sifu Lomas for over fifteen years. I am particularly interested in Tai Chi, Hsing I, Bagua, and Splashing Hands. I also train in a number of chi kung, nei kong and body work sets as key elements in my practice. I am based in Bristol, and would be interested in taking on private students with an interest in any of the areas above. Please contact me at tom.begbie@gmail.com.

Jonathan Caney, Clevedon

Tranquil Waves School of Martial Arts Jonathan has had a fascination with the martial arts since he was young boy. His journey in martial arts has led him to train under teachers and masters all across the world. He is qualified to teach martial arts from China, Japan and the Philippines and has been teaching for over fifteen years. He is particularly well known for his skill with traditional weapons. Jonathan has also trained in modern methods of self protection which assisted him during his time as an active Police Officer. Jonathan is a member of Tao Jia Martial Arts Association and has been graded to Black Sash in Splashing Hands Kung Fu. For more details see www.tranquilwaves.co.uk

International Instructors

Siyavash Mokhtarzadeh, United Arab Emirates

Sifu Mokhtarzadeh started martial arts at 14 years old and at the age of 17 he discovered Splashing Hands. He gained his black sash and instructor status in 2005, one of the first 5 to do so in Europe. He has taught a number of skilled students of various ages. Sifu Moktarzadeh has also trained in Jeet Kune Do, Wu Shu, Xing Yi, Tzu Men, Tai Chi, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Wing Chun and Brazilian Jujitsu, none of which he found, matched the speed and raw explosive power of Shaolin Splashing Hands. Sifu Mokhtarzadeh believes that incorporating biophysics, bio mechanics, human physiology and general scientific reasoning to his training and martial strategy is essential. Sifu Mokhtarzadeh is currently living in the United Arab Emirates training students in Splashing Hands  and Chi Na at the Kings’ Education Group. For class information contact: s-mokhtarzadeh@kingsalbarsha.com

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