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Chris Lomas

Chris started off training in Karate and Jujitsu. At aged 15 he began the study of Southern Shaolin under a teacher in Manchester Chinatown. Seeing the intelligent blending of strikes, locks, throws and kicks alongside the deeper ‘skills’ trained in Kung Fu inspired him and spurred him on to learn more about the Chinese arts (a multitude of different styles often refered to a Kung Fu in the West).

As soon as he was old enough he travelled the world looking for the best instruction from the most skilled individuals. He met many of the ‘big names’ in Kung Fu both in Europe and Asia as well as many lesser known folk masters (learning quickly that in Martial Arts a big reputation was often based more on marketing then skill). He also quickly learnt that race and geography had no baring on skill. For example despite having traditional introductions he found few skilled traditional masters in China (due in part to the turmoil of the cultural revolution).

During these years Chris cross trained in many martial arts including Thai Boxing, Western Fencing, Boxing and Jeet Kune Do but below is an outline of those teachers he feels influence him the most and those whose arts he achieved instructor status in.

At Nineteen he met Sifu James McNeil, head of the Nine Little Heaven Temple style retreat in California. Sifu McNeil is a lineage holder in XingYiQuan, BaguaZhang, TaijiQuan, Jian Shou and Xiao Jiao Tien. Under Sifu McNeil’s tutelage he also began an intensive study of Taoist healing, Iron Hand, Iron Body and Qigong. Chris was still at university but spent his holidays studying full time at the school in California.

Whilst at university he was also concurrently training the Afro-Brazilian art of Capeoria under Adam Barker – Adam is an incredibly talented Capeoista who Chris hugely appreciates as a teacher and a friend.

After University he went back to the Little Nine Heaven temple to study in greater detail, continuing to study with Sifu McNeil for over 15 years and becoming one of his most highly ranked students with instructor status in the arts he taught.

Feeling in need of comparative study he came into contact with Martial Arts Author Sifu Philip Starr – a lineage holder in Cheng BaguaZhang, Northern Shaolin (BaiXingQuan), Yang TaiJiQuan and XingYiQuan. His fifty year study of the Martial Arts had been refined into a system he named YiliQuan. Chris went to stay in his home (at the time in Nebraska, Omaha) and Sifu Starr visited Chris on several occasions awarding him a Black Sash in his method and asking him to be his British Representative. Sifu Starr instilled in Chris a new understanding of the depth and the devastating potential of the ‘basics’. He also greatly enhanced his understanding of XingYiQuan and BaguaZhang. Both training with Sifu Starr (who currently resides in China) and reading his books are recommended.

Chris also trains with YuJinLi – a lineage holder in QuanZhen practices under Wang Chiao Peng. He opened up for Chris a profound understanding of the martial monk’s path (Wu Dao), and the dual shamanistic roots of Taoist alchemy and Yoga (YuJiaGong) as the basis for vitality and clarity. Chris experienced a great liberation from YuJinLi’s teaching for which he is eternally grateful. Those totally committed to fully awakening their inherent power are recommended to contact him.

Chris then discovered that he lived less then an hour from Sifu Steve Richards – lineage holder in the rare Tibetan art of Si Ji Hao (Lions Roar!). Si Ji Hao is truly unique and an amazing art (both from a martial perspective and as tantric/yogic method of transcendence) which Sifu Richards has refined and honed over 40 years practice.

Sifu Richards was the first westerner to be excepted by the Liverpool Ching Wu Association he is also a Lineage holder in Hung Gar, Wing Chun, and Northern Shaolin Fut Gar. His background in Psychology and ‘on the job’ experience of being a policeman in the 70s-80s in Liverpool enabled him to bring a wealth analytical and practical skill to his practice. After so many years searching there is perhaps a zen like irony that Chris main teacher lives ‘down the road’ from him. Chris feels highly honoured to learn under such a teacher and Tibetan Lions Roar now forms the ‘backbone’ of the schools approach.

Whilst running a full time school for over a decade Chris has also released popular instructional DVDs on Iron Hand, Iron Body, Splashing Hands, Qigong and Northern Shaolin. He has written articles for international martial arts magazines and given seminars in martial arts, Taoism and qigong both in England and internationally. He is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with the Yoga Association Uk. He also offers online instruction in Martial Arts, Qigong and inner development for distance students.

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