Recommended Links

Good resources to look into and excellent teachers to train with

Iron Palm Productions

For information on Sifu Lomas’s Dvds for Iron Hand, Iron Body, Health and Kung Fu. Also information on the online learning forum for distance students.

Nine Little Heaven

Website of Chris’s teacher Sifu James McNeil – lineage holder in Xiao Jiao Tien (Nine Little Heaven), XingYiQuan, Splashing Hands, Ma Wei Qi BaguaZhang and Chen TaijiQuan.

Sifu Philip Starr

Blog of Chris’s teacher Sifu Philip Starr founder of Yiliquan a curriculum which encompasses Northern Shaolin, Cheng BaguaZhang, Xingyiquan and Taijiquan.

Sifu Baldwin Li and Sifu Peter Yates

Website of Sifu Baldwin Li and Sifu Peter Yates’s Hong Lok school in Bury. This is a sister school under Sifu Richards. The school focusses on the Hung Gar style.

Sifu Keith Thomas

Website of Keith Thomas, a guardian of the Lau Gar Kung Fu style and Chen Taijiquan teacher. Sifu Thomas also works as an acupuncturist and herbologist.

Lion's Roar

Sifu Steve Richard’s webpage (head of our lineage). A superb resource for more information on our SiJiHao (Tibetan Lions Roar!), its cultural context, theories and relationship to Buddhist, Greek and Hindu concepts. Also contains information on our lineage of Hung Gar, Bak Siu Lum Fut Gar, Wing Chun and Southern Praying Mantis.

Sifu Mark Stapleton

Contact Sifu Mark Stapleton for excellent instruction in Seven Stars (Northern) Praying Mantis and Foshan Wing Chun in Killikenny, Ireland.

Chinese herbals products

Sifu Keith Thomas’s online store for excellent quality Chinese herbals products, instruction dvd’s and training equipment.

Sifu Tennent

Paul Tennent’s website. Sifu Tennent is a skilled and committed teacher who teaches Wing Chun and Seven Stars Mantis in newcastle.

Sifu Dave Bolton

Based in Chorlton (South Manchester) Sifu Dave Bolton is a instructor in Gao style Bagua, XingYiQuan and TaiJiQuan representing the respected Lou De Xiu line.