Jian Shou • Splashing Hands

To gain fast self defence skills

So called because of the way the styles explosive power looks like splashing water off the hands, Splashing Hands is unique within Chinese martial arts because of the speed in which one can develop functional fighting skills. The basics develop coordination between footwork and hand work very quickly.

The legendarily origins are that the Shaolin monks charged with guarding the temple gates developed a close-in fighting black hand (secret) kung fu system to defend the temple gates. Training is done through high repetition (to develop relaxation) of a few basic techniques then combining them into an almost infinite array of short fighting combinations. Like other styles such as Bagua and TongBei, Splashing Hands mainly trains with an open hands to maximise relaxation. The footwork focusses on the use of a closed du ma (or ‘shuffle’) to deveop fast footwork.

We emphasise this method in the early part of the syllabus to gain fast self defence skills and highlight some of the firing points contained in the larger arcs of the lions roar seeds.


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