Welcome to Tao Jia Martial Arts

One of the UKs leading Martial Arts Schools. Specialising in traditional Tibetan Martial Arts, Shaolin Kung Fu and Internal styles all taught to the highest level.

Classes for all ages and levels

Old or young, beginner or experienced martial artist; our full time academy has a class for you.

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About the rare arts we teach, our family classes, intensive training, associated instructors and distance training.

Welcome to Tao Jia Martial Arts

Learn complete ancient martial arts for the modern world. Learn systems that have been shrouded in secrecy for generations for powerful street self defence, fitness, vitality and enhanced awareness.


Striking (kicks, punches, knees, elbows)


Stand Up Grappling (locks, throws, takedowns)


Street Self Defence (Cognitive mapping and modelling)


Traditional Weapons training


Traditional Conditioning (Iron Hand, Iron Body)


Aerobic, Strength and flexibility training


Internal training Qigong, Yogic practices and NeiKung for increased vitality


Traditional Chinese Healing Arts (Tui Na, Acupressure, Taoist Healing)


Meditation and mindfulness training to enhance awareness and personal liberation

We offer our students

A full time training facility

A full time training facility with traditional, specialised training equipment to develop high level skills.

Children’s and Family classes

Children’s and Family classes especially designed for beginners, as well as adult & intensive classes

A dedicated team

A dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced instructors teaching from authentic lineages.

Monthly full day training

Monthly full day training courses for our distance students and instructors.

Online learning

Online learning facility with professionally filmed material to support training: check our courses (external website).

Coaching for San Da

Coaching for San Da (Chinese kickboxing) and Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling) competitions.

First lesson free

First lesson free with no obligations. After that we have no contracts everything is monthly pay as you go.

Our Curriculum

Learn Lions Roar! (SiJiHao) A rare Indo-Tibetan style of Kung Fu based on the Crane and Ape with powerful strikes and fast kicks alongside devastating locks and takedowns.

Study authentic Shaolin martial arts like ZimenQuan, Hung Gar and Splashing Hands. Develop the legendary Iron Hand and Iron Body skills . Learn the secrets of Shaolin.

Pressure test your abilities in a friendly environment. Develop the confidence that comes with real skill.

Master the five elements and 12 animals of XingyiQuan, the circle walking of BaguaZhang and the steel wrapped in cotton of Taijiquan.

Find clarity and piece of mind through inner energy practices and meditation. Awaken your potential through Taoist Yoga.

Get fit and strong whilst learning multi-dimensional arts and making friends at Tao Jia Martial Arts.

Online Learning

Iron Palm Productions produces high quality martial arts training videos.


Join our distance student program for online lessons on multiple styles with full explanations and technical break-down, professionally filmed to a high standard.


High quality dvds and training equipment available, materials covering many rarely taught methods of Kung Fu including Iron Hand, Iron Body, Rare styles and Taoist Qigong,


With membership comes exclusive access to our forum to discuss material with students worldwide and recieve feedback and training tips from Sifu Chris Lomas.

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